For the very best African products made from the highest quality materials, browse through the Impi Things collection. Featuring authentic handcrafted items from skilled tradespeople, Impi Things is unlike anything you’ll have seen before.


From handbags to footwear, candles and home accessories, all of the items on Impi Things have been designed and made by talented men and women. Bringing the best of African crafts into the west, you won’t find any of these unique products elsewhere.

Our Story

Impi Things sounds like a very strange name for a company. However it is called that with good reason. Imp refers to a specific group of Zulu warriors and that is exactly what Impi Things are – warriors. We are warriors fighting against poverty in Africa. We are doing this by producing authentic and genuine hand-crafted African products to a global audience.


Impi Things was first conceived by Trevor Marsden, who had consulted, advised and taken a very hands-on approach to helping the sustainable development of the African small business sector. He had a special and influential role within the Small Business Development Corporation, a part of the Trade Development Ministry, which was managed by the government.


Africa is richly abundant in talent, from Morocco to Lesotho and everywhere in-between. There are entrepreneurs out there creating truly amazing products and these beautiful items have been unavailable until this point. That is, until now.


This is where Impi Things comes in, because we will be bringing these high quality and handmade products to a global audience. By doing this, we hope to change the dynamics of manufacturing and distribution of products like these.


As well as being handmade, they are also designed by the craftsmen and women themselves. Far from being just gimmicky African items that have no function, these products have been hand-picked as they will be able to supply a demand in the west. We will continue to search out services and products we can bring to a new, worldwide market with the overarching plan of developing the production of these items from a very modest, but sustainable income and transform it into a commercially viable and manageable export project.


Trevor is determined to keep all global manufacturers out of this project. No matter what happens, he is adamant that the crofters themselves will continue to make the products. As part of the long-term goal of the project, Impi Things is establishing crafters into groups and companies or co-operations are being set-up. This means that not only will each individual make money from the fruits of their labour but they will also have a share in the profit of these groups.


This is a truly inspiring and amazing project, that will introduce unique and truly African products to the west, while allowing locals the chance to make money to keep themselves and their families above the poverty line. We really hope you support and follow us and our progress. We look forward to hearing from you, if you have any questions or comments. If you have any skills that you feel might benefit our crafters, please get in touch.


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Thank you.

Trevor Marsden
Impi Things Founder