Our Passion for Africa

Our Passion for Africa

Africa produces some of the most unique, authentic high-quality products which lack access to the right exposure and market internationally.

For many years we have travelled across Africa connecting with Men and Women who use their hands to curate amazing hand crafted products. Through ImpiThings we aim to collaborate and empower these men to work towards to excel at what they do best by creating unique products and selling their unique products to ImpiThings who in-turn sells these products to Europe and other markets internationally.

At ImpiThings our objectives are;

To collaborate while creating employment opportunities for many men and women while in return creating access to market for the same products in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

The Second objective is to facilitate the logistical movement of goods from Africa to other markets allowing the men and women we collaborate with to focus at what they best do without having to worry about how their products will get to the final buyers destination.  

Through our collaborations we are able to elevate poverty and see many families daily bread provisioned.

ImpiThings has been embraced and endorsed by many private and public enterprises as an ideal partner to source for high-end Africa produced quality products.  This has created a win-win for all involved!   ImpiThings is positively impacting and creating change for the people in Africa whom we work closely with.  

Innovations remains core in what we do welcome your meaningful contribution and collaboration to help us to deepen our impact in Africa and the communities we connect with.  It starts with a positive mindset to drive change.

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