Our Aim

There are many crafts men and women who work from their homes in southern Africa. In many cases they produce unique and high-quality products that can be sold.

For many years now I have often wondered what would happen if an organisation were able to introduce these goods to the western world.

 The Impi Project has two major objectives:

-We intend to make the project profitable by commercially marketing cottage industry products in quantity to Europe, North America and the Middle East.

-The second objective is to assist the grafters by helping them with developing production techniques  logistics and financial control.

The project has been enthusiastically endorsed by government, NGOs and private enterprise.Impithings now requires high quality management to develop the project both in Africa and overseas.

This is a win-win situation! ImpiThings will be a profitable company. By creating wealth in smaller villages and towns situated in southern Africa we will also be helping develop to wealth and alleviate poverty in Africa. We start here!

We are always intrested in innovations and welcome companions that follow our core beliefs.

You might be a single executive or a business team or an existing organisation that could benefit from an expansion or diversification.

Email us: Trevor@impithings.com

let Me know how you can contribute and some expectations as far as income is concerned 


I look forward to hearing from you.  Kind regards Trevor.