Our Story

Our vision 

We are a group of individuals thats share an ideology taking us deep into the roots of our herritge. This has built up a fascination in generating a platform that not only helps create wealth in Africa by building a trade network overseas.

Growth is important to us at impithings, with a latent list of potential collaborations we aim to deliver the best African products one craft at a time till we get it right.

The Impithings project

At ImpiThings we pride ourselves for being part of developing Africa. With this in mind we aim to build a network  were items could be traded across borders from Africa to the world providing not only a fair trade with our clients & partners but we  provide increased opportunites for crafters to create what they love.

Our Clients & Partners 

Our clients range from local trades men & women to extablished sole traders. By collaborating with all partners that share our goal we are elated at the possiblity of building brands to mutually benefit everyone.  By opening a sustainable channel, we create opportunites and business ventures across borders.

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