Red Pillar Candle


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Small: H10cm x dia 7.5cm. Candle last for around 39-42 hours
Medium: H15cm x dia 7.5cm. Candle lasts for around 56-60 hours
Large: H20cm x dia 10.5cm. Candle lasts for around 140-150 hours
This hand-poured pillar candle is a brilliant red colour, perfect for Christmas or cosily-themed rooms. These fair trade candles are made by hand at Wax Industri, a small factory in rural Indonesia where the majority of the workers are female, and they enjoy good working conditions, fair wages and free health care benefits. Made with 100% natural palm wax which contributes to the sustainable production of palm oil. The oil palm tree is an ancient and sustainable crop with a higher yield than any other oilseed crop. No artificial fertilisers or pesticides are necessary, and it’s completely suitable for vegans. Palm wax also provides a clean, virtually dripless burn with minimum soot and smoke.
Hand pouring allows for the utmost attention to detail, giving a unique and premium candle with a pure cotton wick and solid colour wax. Each candle is long lasting, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy your evening yet.

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