Why Handcrafted?

Impi Things | Why Handcrafted?

Why Handcrafted?

Why We Believe Handcrafted is the Superior Way

We live in an age of mass-production. Everything from cars to phones to computers all come from a very small set of manufacturers, and the results are both good and bad.

It has never been easier to get the products we want, but the downside is that they all look very similar. While machines can produce millions of the same item every single day, there’s something to be said for the handcrafted approach. And that’s just what we believe at Impi Things. We put a strong emphasis on finding and sourcing the best handmade products from across the African continent, offering something entirely unique that also benefits the producer.

Authentic, Functional Products

As a company, we have worked across a multitude of African countries for years, and we know that the continent is bursting with talent from Morocco to Lesotho.

There are entrepreneurs and creatives all across Africa with amazing goods, and we work to source and provide the very best, functional products the region has to offer. We believe that the craftspeople we work with deserve recognition and fair payment for their talents, and that’s why we provide a range of handmade products – from shoes to bags to skincare products – that emphasise the rich well of talent the continent of Africa has to offer.

Locally Sourced Materials & Skills

Because we work with our producers in-situ, every item we sell features locally sourced materials. And that means a genuine, high-quality product for you.

For example, all of Impi Things’ leather bags are made from the highest quality African leather and stitched together by hand at their point of origin. That means our leather bags are one-hundred percent authentic in every sense of the word, from the craftsmanship to the materials. No warehouses, no imports – just local skills and materials providing amazing quality products.

Fairness for Producers

The aim of Impi Things is to work towards sustainable development in local communities, not exploit skills for our own benefit.

Impi Things has a dedication to keeping large, global manufacturers of the project and the long-term goal is to establish groups of crafters into companies and co-ops. Our aim is to help the talented providers of our products rise above the poverty line and exploit their skills for a better future for themselves, their families and, overall, their communities.